Take a two and a half minute trip to sunny Southern California with me and the rest of the Jeffersons on Spring Break 2015! We were there to see my oldest daughter Lauren, who lives in West Hollywood. But, we also had time to play tourist.

Our trip starts in L.A., but then goes right to the desert and Blackbird Air Park, and some of the greatest airplanes of all time, on display just outside Edwards Air Force Base, where they train Air Force test pilots. You'll see the 747 they used to ferry the space shuttle around, a U-2 spy plane and, parked right next to each other - an A-12 and an SR-71 - two of the fastest and highest flying airplanes ever built. CRAZY - huh?

Next, we travel to San Diego to see the USS Midway Museum. Even though there were plenty of airplanes, this was a sorta reunion for my lovely wife Michelle, who spent Christmas 1987 on board the Midway in the Persian Gulf with the USO show brought there by Bob Hope.

After that, it's on to Hollywood, to the world famous Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We saw TWO Johnny Depps - one Edward Scissorhands and one Jack Sparrow - right next to each other in front of the theatre. And Elvis was taking a break and having a pop at the restaurant across the street.

The dinosaurs are from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. When I was a kid, we lived in L.A. and it was one of my favorite places. So I dragged everybody down to the museum to see the T-Rex and the the Triceratops fighting each other in the main hall. It was just as I remembered it. They also have a great collection of "taxidermied" animals from Africa and North America, set in detailed dioramas. One of the volunteers (a very nice elderly lady, who explained she was still in training) appeared as we were looking at the stuffed Pronghorn Antelopes and explained that even though they LOOKED like they were alive - they were actually dead. Umm, thanks for the heads up.

Next up - the San Diego Zoo, where my daughter Brooke was wearing an MSU shirt and had not one, but TWO girls, about her age, come up to her and say, "Go GREEN!" Spartans are everywhere. And that is a Maned Wolf from South America in the video. It is neither a wolf or a fox. But it IS a little freaky looking.

So that was my Spring Break. Here's the video - thanks to my Flip Camera - with appropriately groovy music. Enjoy.




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