One of the consequences of the fight to control CWD in Michigan's deer herd is a ban on deer baiting in the Lower Peninsula. The Michigan DNR's reasoning is, by baiting deer, you bring more deer into contact with each other over bait piles, leading to potentially increased numbers of CWD infected deer.

Not everybody agrees.

According to, Michigan State Senator Curt VanderWall, R-Ludington, proposes lifting the ban. He's sponsoring Senate Bill 37, which would allow for baiting during open hunting season. He told everybody gathered for a Natural Resources Commission meeting this week, “In my view, baiting is a tool that helps us manage the herd,”  he told lawmakers. “Less hunters means less harvested, which is bad for herd management - it could even lead to an increase in CWD and other diseases." 

As you would expect, the Michigan DNR disagrees. What do you think?


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