Good riddance to 2020. Feels good to finally have it behind us. With the pandemic last year, I guess a lot of us picked up some bad habits we would like to also say goodbye to in this New Year. The biggest one I have to rid myself of is the bad eating habits I picked up the last 6 months. Staying in more means more TV, which means more snacking for me. I gained about 12 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic. So time to say goodbye to those pounds in early 2021.

This survey form from polled 2,000 nationally-representative adults (approximately 800 of whom are working from home) to examine the habits people have picked up during lockdown and how they plan to deal with them in the new year. Here are some of the top habits we picked up in 2020:

Snacking more throughout the day – 40%
Eating more comfort foods – 39%
Not eating as many fruits and vegetables as they should – 33%
Drinking too much caffeine – 32%
Eating more junk food – 32%
Not eating three meals a day – 31%
Drinking too much alcohol – 26%
Not exercising – 25%
Staying in pajamas all day – 23%
Oversleeping during a work day while working from home – 11%

So you know what we have to do now, right?  Eat right, with more fruits and vegetables, and exercise more. Maybe less drinking and let's give more and be kinder this year to everyone.

What is one bad habit you picked up that you will be dropping this year?

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