It's the day you and your fiancé have been planning for what seems like an eternity - your wedding day.

Hopefully you've been saving up cash for an eternity as well, because the average wedding in Michigan is going to cost some coin.

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What Does the "Average" Wedding Look Like?

Keep in mind that when we're discussing the "average wedding", we're only talking about the ceremony and reception. Anything extra such as the honeymoon or any pre-wedding events is not included in these figures.

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The Knot is renowned among soon-to-be married couples for being the go-to site for all things bridal. According to their most recent research, the average wedding has 117 guests (summer and early fall weddings trend a little higher than that, averaging 123 guests). Eight people are included in the wedding party on average, and more than a dozen vendors ranging from florists to photographers to DJs and more are hired to pull off the big day.

The venue tends to be the most expensive aspect of the wedding, and also typically includes rental fees for tables, chairs, linens, etc. Nationally speaking, the average cost of a venue is a little more than $11,000 - this can vary greatly depending on the time of year or even the day of the week when the wedding is to be held.

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Other top wedding costs include the photographer, the florist, and the cost of the wedding dress, according to The Knot.

What's the Average Cost of a Wedding in Michigan?

While the average wedding in the United States costs $30,000 in 2024, according to experts, it's not quite that much in Michigan.

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The Knot says the average wedding in Michigan is going to run you about $27,000. - again, that only includes the ceremony and reception.

How does that compare to other states? Check out the full list by state here.

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