Sure - an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago. But, as cool as dinosaurs were, they weren't as cuddly as woolly mammoths or mastodons or any of the animals in those Ice Age movies. Animals that lived here in Michigan. So what wiped them out? Looks like it was another asteroid.

According to the New York Post, new research says the asteroid in question may have been one that hit Greenland some 13,000 years ago. This asteroid was a little less than a mile wide and created a crater 19 miles wide. The resulting blast started a lot of fires and put a lot of dust into the atmosphere, which led to an ice age and the extinction of some 35 species of big animals - and probably a lot of humans. This is known as the Younger Dryas event.

And, as a fan of "Ancient Aliens" and all those TV shows that dads like me like to watch, I'm just going to mention one word about a civilization that was rumored to have disappeared around that time. And that word is: "Atlantis" (don't you roll your eyes - I HAVE PROOF! I HAVE WEBSITES!)

Not everyone is sold on this theory, but more scientists are getting on this train every day. Cool dads are already sold.

This is why we watch for asteroids, people. Not that we could do anything about it right now if one was headed for us, but....


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