I have to admit I know virtually nothing about the video game Fortnite.

Well maybe except for walking past some family members and glancing at the TV and asking...

"Hey, what are you playing?"



Unfortunately, there are potentially people out there who may know more...a lot more...about some people who play Fortnite, than I do about the actual game itself.

According to fox17online.com, there was a security flaw in the game that exposed Fortnite players to being hacked. Hacking that included the bad guys buying stuff, listening to players conversations in their homes and even recording players conversations while they were just trying to conquer whatever you try to conquer in Fortnite.

See I told you I really didn't know much about the game.

I think I'm okay with that now.

Get more info about the story and what you need to do if you play Fortnite here from fox17online.com.

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