Results from a recent poll conducted by OnePoll, show that Americans 'waste' about $1,500 a month (or $18,000 a year) on stuff. According to their list, that stuff means going out to eat, having drinks with friends, buying bottled water, streaming services and more.

Now, I have to admit that I'm guilty of some of the things on the list. When you live in a town like Lansing that has a ton of great restaurants and bars to choose from, it's sometimes very hard to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night! I mean, after a long week at work, a pizza from Art's Pub or a burger and a cold beer from Creole in Old Town is hard to resist. (Right?!)

Anyway, here are some examples from their list of the non-essential monthly spending habits of Americans. Try not to feel guilty...I don't! :)

Dinner out at a restaurant - $209.38
Drinks out with friends or co-workers - $188.68
Takeout or delivery - $177.88
Impulse purchases - $108.97
Subscription boxes - $93.96
Cable - $90.57
Gym, fitness classes and/or a personal trainer - $72.53
Streaming services for movies/TV - $23.09
Coffee - $20.25
Bottled water - $17.47

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