One of the cities being crushed the most during the Pandemic is Las Vegas. I lived there from 2006 to 2015 and let me tell you I was never bored. There was always something to do 24/7. Loved living in the desert, and I know what you're thinking: it's so HOT in the summer right? Yes it does get over a hundred degrees in the summer but is a dry heat and it's great laying in the pool in Vegas with the sun beating down on ya.

The Vegas shows are always fabulous and they are starting to come back according to 8Newsnow Las Vegas. Could that be a sign that maybe some shows and concerts are coming back the Lansing area?

It's been almost 8 months since everything in Vegas came to a halt. My daughter Presley is a nurse there, and she said it was the saddest thing to see the strip empty and dark.


The shows that are coming back are gonna be with a smaller audience due to covid and because of that some will move to a bigger venue.

Shows I have seen over the years that were great were Donnie and Marie, Circus Olay, and David Copperfield where I even ended up on stage for a disappearing act. And yes he had to tell us how he did it, and we were bribed never to tell anyone with a signed pic. I would never share his secret.

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