The Associated Press has announced their Top 100 college football programs of all time. No. 1? THE Ohio State University Buckeyes.

According to CBS Sports, Michigan came in at #7 and Michigan State came in at #19. (In case you've missed it, Michigan State has beaten Ohio State two out the last three times they've faced each other. Just sayin')

The real story is buried at #98, a spot owned by the Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks.

Saywhatnow? I never heard of them either.

The Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks played as a college football team from 1942 through 1944. They were students who were going to ground school at the University of Iowa before they became U.S. Navy pilots during World War II. They were a separate team from the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, but they had great coaching and the teams they played were probably not as strong during those years because most everybody who was able to play college football was serving in the military. In 1943, they were the #2 team in America, losing only to #1 Notre Dame. By one point. Crazy, huh? Here's some more from Wikipedia about them.

Here's the whole list. Go Seahawks.


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