Last year, somebody (maybe it was you) bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket for the March 2nd drawing at a CVS Pharmacy (on Carpenter Rd) in Ypsilanti. The good news - that ticket hit for a million dollars. The bad news - nobody's claimed the prize yet. And the owner of the ticket only has one more week to do so.

According to, the March 2nd 2018 Mega Millions winning numbers were 24-28-42-60-64, with the Mega Ball number being 8. If your ticket from that date had the five regular numbers, you have a million dollars waiting for you. You have until next Monday at 4:45PM to claim the money at Michigan Lottery headquarters.

These stories always stun me. Do some people buy so many lottery tickets that they forget to check all of them? Do they lose them? Did the owner pass away?

Then there's the situation in South Carolina, with an unclaimed $1.5 BILLION Mega Millions ticket. Where's the owner of that ticket? Here's that story from WHNT-TV.

Here's the story about the Michigan ticket.

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