Dear Postal Workers,

First, happy National Postal Worker Day. I know that 2020 hasn't been easy for you and I just want to say that I appreciate all of your hard work. From April who works at our local post office branch to Joe who delivers our mail on a daily basis, there's a lot of hard-working people in this industry.

It's a job that I could never do for several reasons. First, I'm afraid of large dogs. So, the minute one would come running at me while I was trying to leave a package on a porch? Well, that would be the end of my career in the postal industry.

Plus, I'm a whiner. Or maybe I should describe myself more like a 'Goldilocks' because the weather is usually too hot or too cold here in Michigan. So, that 'neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds' deal? Yep, totally wouldn't work out well for me.

And dealing with all of the cranky and impatient drivers in Michigan that are always zooming past you? Well, let's just say that my road rage would last about a half a day with that and I'd quickly be out of a job.

Also, all those number and addresses would give me a headache. And seriously, who comes up with some of these crazy street names?

So, again, happy National Postal Worker Day. Thanks for all you do and please stay safe. Hopefully, better things will come with National Postal Worker Day 2021.


A thankful Holt resident

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