Next weekend, Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th (I'm giving you time to plan), Michigan residents AND non-residents (come on up and see what it's like, Ohio) can fish, check out our state parks and go off-roading, all for FREE!

According to, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources calls it their "Three Free" weekend. Next weekend the state will wave the Recreation Passport fee at all 103 state parks, you can explore the two-tracks without an ORV sticker and you fish for free and without a license - as long as you follow the regulations and catch limits. Obviously the DNR wants you to try the state out for free, with the hopes you'll come back for more.

Just like any good dealer, the DNR's giving you the first hit for free. And just like any addict, I've got my favorites. If you've never been - check out Sleepy Hollow State Park. It's close by and it's got good fishing and nice trails.


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