Last week we talked about the 11- year old who took an albino buck in Oceola Township. We've got more details now. The hunter's name is Gavin Dingman and he took the 12 point buck with a crossbow. FYI - Oceola Township is just east of Howell. Some people are of the opinion that you shouldn't shoot an albino deer. I'm just glad to see a kid like Gavin connect.

Before you get all crazy - taking an albino deer is LEGAL in Michigan, and it has been legal since 2009. According to, Gavin's dad, Mike, says a lot of the neighbors had been after this buck before Gavin got him.

I have a feeling you might see the full body mount of this buck at some upcoming outdoor shows around here next spring.

Here's the story, with a photo of Gavin and the buck.


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