Whoever the older lady was at the drive-thru at the McDonald's in Scottsburg, Indiana, at 8:30 on Sunday night - I'd like to offer you a big hug. You started something that just proved that America's not just composed of people that yell at each other on our TVs every night. Usually, just so they can sell their latest book. Nope, some people are still looking out for the poor guy in the car behind them.

According to ABC News, in Scottsburg, Indiana the other night, a lady paid for her food at the McDonald's drive-thru and then paid for the poor guy with the four kids in the car behind her and told the kid behind the counter to wish the guy a "happy Father's Day". And the guy behind her "got it" and kept the ball rolling. By closing time, 165 other cars had done the same thing. 167 cars - and it would've kept going if they hadn't closed.

I guess we're all not as nuts as we're being told we are.


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