Remember when you were a kid at summer camp? Swimming, fishing, canoeing, water balloon fights? Good times, huh? You can do it all again, if you want.

And this time there will be beer. Legally.

More than just a few "adult summer camps" have started popping up all over the U.S. According to, one of the first was "Camp Throwback", located in Clarksville, Ohio. There's arts and crafts, archery, interacting with fuzzy forest creatures. And Drunk Field Day.

One of the other camps is "Camp No Counselors". There are several U.S. locations for Camp No Counselors, including one in Wisconsin.

And, if you miss going to band camp - you're in luck! Right here in Michigan, up in Traverse City, at Interlochen Center For the Arts, they'll be holding "Adult Band Camp" in August. However, from the looks of their website, I get the feeling they're kinda serious about getting together and actually playing music. I didn't see "Drunk Field Day" advertised anywhere for that one.

Here's the story (with video) from CNN.


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