So I'm driving around today, running a few quick errands which included picking up our new microwave oven over on the west side. By the way it's not a bells and whistles thing, it's pretty basic and it wasn't an extravagance. Our last microwave, much to my surprise lasted for 16 years. 16 years! Where does all the time and all of that microwaved food go?

Anyway back to being out and about today. I'm driving on 496 West and I see the road construction on the eastbound side around Lansing Road and I'm thinking, "Gee, when did that start? I won't be driving back on that side, gonna have to find another way..." And then I remember that I actually wrote an article featured here on this very website about that road construction project. You can see it right here.

And I'm a nitwit.

One of the other places I drove around today was on Lake Lansing Road. And according to News 10, a portion of Lake Lansing will be closed beginning on Friday at 9:00 a.m. and the closing will continue through this Sunday.

The closing on Lake Lansing Road will be between Coolidge Road and West Road and it is a part of the road's improvement project. There was construction going on there today that I noticed in the eastbound lane at the off ramp to North & South 127.

Get more information here about the closing on Lake Lansing Road that I will probably also forget that I wrote about.

Shaking my head...Really shaking my head...

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