We all dream of winning the lottery.  But this Michigan woman had a very specific dream that just came true.

I just had a dream that I came to work with no pants on and nobody had faces.  I'm not sure what that's about, but I don't want it to come true.  However, if I had dream about winning a $4 Million lottery jackpot it would be a different story.  An unidentified 28-year-old woman out of Wayne County tells Michigan Lottery officials,

I know it sounds crazy, but about four months ago, I had a dream that I won $4 million playing scratch-offs. Ever since, I've bought $30 tickets whenever I've had the chance.

She did the smart thing and chose the lump sum payment of around $2.5 Million.  What will she do with her winnings?  She has a plan according to the Michigan Lottery,

With her winnings, she plans to pay off her student loans, set up college funds for her children, buy a new home, and then invest the remainder.

My immediate takeaway from this story?  I need to start paying attention to my dreams...and buy a lottery ticket.




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