Fans of macaroni and cheese, be sure to get your bowl and spoon ready because a Macaroni & Cheese Festival is coming to Michigan this fall! The event will be held at the Homer Stryker Field in Kalamazoo--home to the Kalamzoo Growlers baseball team--on Saturday, October 5th. The Mac & Cheese Fest will run from 3pm-7pm and is going to be open to people of all ages.

Interested in going? Well, tickets aren't on sale just yet for those that are interested, they'll go on sale on August 2nd. And the vendor list hasn't been release yet, either...but really, does that matter? It's a Mac & Cheese Festival!!

Click here to find out more about the event. By the way, are you *Team Spoon* or *Team Fork* when it comes to eating macaroni and cheese? I'm definitely *Team Spoon* but I do know some people that are *Team Fork* and there's a fork in the


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