Art Basel Miami Beach has just wrapped up. Art Basel goes to three different cities each year - Miami Beach, Hong Kong and the city of Basel, Switzerland. Every year, big names in the art world as well as high profile celebrities show up to these festivals to search for hot, new art. It would appear that the star of the Miami show this year was an art piece called Comedian, by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Maurizio's piece was an actual banana, duct-taped to a plain, white wall. According to, Comedian sold to a French woman for $120,000. Then, a second edition sold to a French man for $120,000. So, Cattelan and his French art dealer decided to sell a third edition to a museum (two are already interested) and the price has now gone up to $150,000.

I am not making this up. Cattelan says he worked on the idea for a year. In Miami Beach, crowds were flocking to see what all the fuss was about and taking selfies with his "artwork". (I can't dispute the fact, if people are interested in looking at something - it's art)

UPDATE - Another performance artist ate the banana used in the artwork. Here's the story.from Fox News.

Before we go, take a look at the photo above.

This is an art piece I inherited, done by my Uncle Jim when he went to East Lansing High School. The family legend goes that Jim had to take an art course and enter a piece in a class competition. Jim would go on to become an attorney and then a judge in Arkansas and was a brilliant guy, but he was always more into fishing and bird hunting than he was into art. So, instead of stressing over this art assignment, he did the above piece and called it, "10,000 Years Before Lunch".

Well, yeah - of course he won.

And based on the other story, I think I'm potentially very wealthy.



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