Pets are one of the best parts of the family dynamic.

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A pet easily wiggles its way into you and your family's heart.

How would you feel if your pet was stolen from you?

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What if after they were stolen 7 years ago, the pet is found 1,000 miles away?

This is the warm & fuzzy story about how a little Yorkie named Sgt. Pepper was reunited with its owner.

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The Eaton County Animal Control facility received a call about seeing a stray dog in town.

The Yorkie was brought back to the shelter. When they arrived, the staff checked to see if the little pup had a microchip.

Thankfully, the little Yorkie did have a microchip so the Eaton County Animal Control staff was able to find the owner's information.

Can you guess where the owner lived?


The lead animal control officer for Eaton County Animal Control, Rebecca Neal, told ABC 13,

"She informed us that the dog had been stolen in 2014. SHe had updated her microchip information as current as 2020, so that tells me she definitely had not lost hope."

Who steals a precious little puppy?

There are some evil people out there in the world.

The Yorkie's owner, who wants to remain anonymous, flew from Florida all the way to Michigan.

She was finally reunited with her pet who is affectionately called Sgt. Pepper.

"We definitely could see a change in personality when he saw her. I really do think that the dog remembered her."

Even though they were reunited a year ago, it still warms my heart. Now, there are other animals who need to be reunited with their loved ones too.

If you are an animal lover or someone who is missing a precious family member, you can contact Eaton County Animal Control.

You can learn all about owner redemption and adoption fees here.

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