Whether you've grown up in Michigan you're entire life or you've only spent a couple years here, you know the weather can be pretty unpredictable. One day you're walking around in shorts and the next you're bundled up with a beanie and jacket. So it's no surprise here that it's already snowed in parts of Michigan. The U.P. got 8 inches of snow this past weekend.

Here's five things everyone who has a experienced a Michigan winter knows..

Winter knows no season

Winter comes when winter wants to come and she comes in like a wrecking ball. It snows during fall, it snows during spring. Winter can start as early as October and happen throughout May. But as soon as it gets above 50 in April/May, we're trading in our snow boots for a pair of flip-flops, even if it's just for the day.

Shoveling snow is a workout

I don't care who you are or what you say, but it is. It's an entire body workout. Crossfit has nothing on shoveling. There will be days the snow is so heavy, I can barely move the next day because everything hurts. If it's snowing all day, you have to go out and shovel every couple of hours. Gym who? I don't know him.

Snow days are rare

Unless it's below freezing, the kids are going to school and you're still going to work. Places like Seattle or Nashville get a light dusting of snow and they shut down the entire city. While we're over here bobbing and weaving through 3-8 inches of snow, unable to tell which lane is which because the streets aren't plowed.

You'll have to dig your car out

At some point, it's going to happen. Unless you have a truck or a jeep, then maybe not. I've gotten stuck in the snow so many times that I've gotten rocking my car back and forth down to a 'T'. And the car stays stocked. Yeah, that cat litter in the trunk, it's not for my cat, it's for traction to get myself out of whatever blizzard is lurking around the corner.

Remote starts are the way to go

No one wants to trot out into a blizzard to start their car. It's funny cause I mentioned a remote start when I lived in Florida and everyone was like "A what?" I forgot, you don't even know what snow is. Remote starts are the best thing , your windows can defrost you're not scrapping them for what seems like an eternity.

Are you ready for winter? Do you have your car stocked up? I always make sure to have cat litter/salt, a small shovel, blanket and extra pair of gloves in my car cause I somehow manage to lose one every winter season.

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