I never knew that they ranked towns based on their rat population, but apparently it's a thing for Orkin and unfortunately, it looks like three towns from Michigan made their list for 2018. Orkin releases their annual 'Top 50 Rattiest Cities List' around this time every year as temperatures start to fall outside and rats try to get inside, which causes their call volume to increase.

It looks like Flint just barely made this year's 'Rattiest Cities List' coming in at #50. Grand Rapids also made this year's list. They were ranked at #39. And, probably not a surprise to anyone, Detroit made the Top 10 cities on this year's list, moving up one spot from last year's list, to #6. Chicago, our neighbors to the west, were ranked #1 again this year and according to the list, Chicago has been the 'rattiest city' for the last four years. Congratulations Windy City!?!?

Click here to see the entire list of 'rattiest cities'.



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