The $2.1 million expansion on the Capital Area Humane Society began back in July of this year, and according to the Lansing State Journal, the project is on schedule to be open in February of next year.

The expansion is going to give the shelter a lot of space, 5,800 square-feet to be exact! Plus, room to add much needed space dedicated to sick animals. 25 years ago when the shelter was first built, "it was built to only house healthy animals". Now healthy and sick or quarantined animals will be kept apart.

Some others features of the expansion include a renovated lobby area and an outdoor area for cats. President and CEO of the society, Julia Wilson, said the new outdoor area for cats is essential because so many of the cats they receive are used to living outside and can have difficulty adjusting to and indoor living area.

I'm excited to see good things happening to help the well being of our pets and animals! Read more about the expansion HERE.

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