It is so cool when things from our past show up. Like when someone finds a dinosaur bone from millions of years ago in their backyard, or a lucky person finds an old rare coin that is super valuable. Time capsules that are opened from many years ago are also so much fun and bring us back to yesteryear.

And how about this, a family working on their home were stunned to find a letter from 1886 hidden behind a baseboard according to

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Erik Erhorn and his wife recently bought a home, and he also happens to be the Crockery Township Supervisor, who was working in the house with his brother Tyler. Together they made a really interesting find. No it was not treasure or a big box of cash.

It was a letter from way back in the late 1800s.

"From August 3 of 1886, M. Spencer, Sir..." Erhorn read from the top of the letter.

The letter is addressed to Mr. Medad Spencer, who was born in New York in 1831, and later moved to Nunica, Michigan.

Family records say Medad Spencer spent his whole life in that house, and he eventually would be buried in the Nunica Cemetery in October 1919. Wow, that was a long time ago. Erik and his wife decided to buy this amazing home in 2017 from a woman whose husband had died. Her family had purchased the land from Erhorn's ancestors several decades prior.

They bought it from my Great Grandpa who bought the farm from the Spencer family in the early 1940s,” Erhorn said.

So if you live in a old home, maybe it's time for a sweep to see what you can find.

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