Random thoughts. Useless facts. Trivial knowledge.

Random and Useless Facts

We all have it. And most of the time, it's all pretty useless, except on that rare occasion, like bar night trivia.

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Whether it's something you did repeatedly (like dialing a certain phone number or using a certain code for work) or just a random nugget of information you picked up along the way, that info is now burned into your brain. And despite how long ago you learned it, you couldn't unlearn it even if you tried.

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Where did these facts come from? Does it have to do with what generation you grew up in? Or does it have to do more with coming from a certain location?

What's the most useless thing Michiganders have memorized?

Take Michigan for example... I wonder what commonalities Michiganders have when it comes to the useless things we have memorized.

We asked you to chime in on, "What's the most useless thing you have memorized?", and y'all came with the answers.

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And something I was very surprised to see... even though we did see a wide array of answers, there were far more commonalities than I anticipated. Contrary to what I originally thought, there are several useless facts that had been memorized by many a Michigander.

Take a look through these 13 useless things that Michiganders have memorized and see if any of them ring a bell with you.

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