Crews renovating Detroit's Michigan Central Station made an incredible discovery last week when they unearthed a 100 year old message in a bottle.

Last year, Ford Motor Company made the announcement that they were planning and renovating the old Michigan Central Station and turning it into a "walkable" 30-acre campus. The station, which opened in 1913, has been shuttered since 1988.

I can only imagine the history that building holds. However, as reported by Fox 2 Detroit, crews were in the process of removing an unstable wall when one worker suddenly called for them to stop. Inside the plaster was this bottle complete with a note inside:

Via Fox 2 Detroit Youtube

A lot of guesses were made on what the note would say. In fact, a Facebook contest was held asking the public to guess. Those who came the closest would be allowed to hide their own message in a bottle inside Michigan Central Station.

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My immediate thought (or hope) is that the message, surely, must be a map to a previously undiscovered, million dollar fortune. Right? Not so much.

Instead the note simply read:

Dan Hogan and Geo Smith stuck this [illegible] of Chicago. July 1913.

Via Fox 2 Detroit Youtube

Research completed by Ford revealed that Dan Hogan was a plasterer from Chicago and guessed that both men were likely part of the original crew that erected Michigan Central Station.

A number of different artifacts have surfaced thanks to the remodeling of Michigan Central Station like this button, believed to be from a pair of overalls from around 1913:

Via Fox 2 Detroit Youtube

An itemized list of the discoveries hasn't been made available just yet but things like women's shoes, adding machines and more are among the treasures being found behind these ancient walls. Check out Fox 2 Detroit's full coverage and snag a peek at other discovered items below:

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