Non-natives always make fun of the phrases or words us Michiganders use, like calling soda "pop" or the good ol' "ope." Besides the phrases, there are some common questions that annoy us, too. When I moved out of the Midwest, I was asked a lot of these questions, and I just wanted to be like "You're kidding, right?" I remember one time someone asked me, "You're really from Detroit? Detroit's so bad." Yeah, sure, every city has its ups and downs, but I LOVE Detroit and I will die on this hill. If you're not from Michigan, here's a list of questions you might want to avoid asking your new Michigan friend.

10 Things You Should Never Ask a Michigander

Like I said, Michiganders are very proud to be from the "The Great Lakes" state. You don't have to take my advice, but just know if you ask any of these questions, proceed with caution because we're always going to defend the den.

We've had some great talent come from Michigan from artists to actors. If Michigan wasn't a great place, do think they'd continue giving their hometown so much love? Probably not. We get it, it's cold and gray sometimes and the winters can be brutal, but in the end, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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