What else can 2020 throw at us? If nothing else, it's shown us the importance of being prepared.

I have always thought tornadoes were some of the most fascinating yet terrifying things which is why whenever there is a chance of severe weather on its way, I'm all about watching it.

On one hand, I was traumatized as a child watching "Twister" with my parents and by having to hide in the basement a time or two when a warning came out. However, as I grew up I learned to appreciate this crazy weather phenomenon and would eventually spend the day on the couch watching all kinds of storm-chasing shows with my dad.

That does not stand to say that while my dad and I stand in the driveway watching all the lightning as a storm rolls in my stomach isn't at least a little uneasy thinking "what if this turns into a tornado?"

You hear the basic things to watch out for as a kid like in my case it was "green clouds" or "funnel clouds" but that lead to me just being paranoid.

To save others from feeling like a young, paranoid Maitlynn here are 10 things to keep an eye out for if you suspect a tornado is upon  you.

Signs of a Tornado

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