The #1 movie in America right now was written and directed by two Michigan brothers and filmed totally in northern Michigan. It's called, "The Wretched".

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According to the Detroit Free Press, Brett and Drew Pierce, two brothers from Detroit who now live in L.A., shot the movie last summer in Northport and Omena, in the Leelanau Peninsula. The movie is a low-budget horror movie, about a teenager who runs into a 1000-year-old witch who lives next door to his parents. But timing is everything - and with drive-ins some of the only movie theaters open in America - what better movie to watch at one of those than a good horror movie? The movie's been out since May 1st. In addition to the drive-ins (they were in about 60 this past weekend) the movie's available through streaming. I found it on Amazon Prime.

So far, "The Wretched" has made more than $300,000, which for most big budget movies would be the crew's lunch budget, but the Pierce brothers know this is how it starts. Their dad helped work on effects for Sam Raimi's low budget horror cult classic, "Evil Dead" back in 1981 - a movie Sam quit MSU to film. The same Sam Raimi who went on to direct Spider-Man and the sequels Spider-Man 2 and 3. (The same Sam Raimi who plays the voice of the "giant squirrel" in "The Jungle Book") Those Spider-Man movies probably combined to bring in about $2.5 BILLION. And when they showed "The Wretched" to Sam, he liked it. So be looking for more from these two.

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