According to the Team Marketing Report of 2014 and ESPN, the San Francisco 49ers have the highest cost for a family of four to attend one of their games this season with a grand total of $641. That total includes parking, four average-priced tickets, two programs, two beers, two hats, four soft drinks and four hot dogs. For the record, San Francisco also has the second highest price for a beer at $10.25 each. Oakland takes the top honor for the highest cost of an adult beverage at $10.75 each. (Those crazy Oakland fans don't need anymore beer...)

The Detroit Lions? Well, they come in pretty cheap in the beer department at $7.50 each. But get this--the Lions are actually #1 in one of the categories on the list--they have cheapest parking price at $11.00. For a full list of the NFL teams and their prices, click here. 

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