2021 is finally here and the majority of folks as so glad. 2020 is history like a book. The New Year hopefully will bring great beginnings for everyone. Maybe this year you want to work on improving your relationship.

My morning show partner Erica thinks astrology is a great tool but does not take it serious enough to not date anyone from a certain sign. I agree.

Here’s some suggestions on positive dating changes to incorporate into your life this year based on your zodiac sign from elitedaily.com Here are a few highlights just for fun.

Aries: Be more playful.
Taurus: Explore different depths in your relationship.
Gemini: Embrace your emotional side.
Cancer: Be more decisive.
Leo: Make more room for “me” time.
Virgo: Organize your finances.
Libra: Only keep positive relationships in your life.
Scorpio: Trust your instincts.
Sagittarius: Focus on growth.
Capricorn: Improve your communication skills.
Aquarius: Include your partner in decisions.
Pisces: Slow down and take your time.

I think it's fun to read your horoscope each day, but for pure amusement and not to take seriously. I also strongly believe you should never make any life decisions based on astrology or your horoscope.  Over the years talking to friends about this, a few feel it can be unhealthy or a distraction. But they do agree with me it's cool for amusement only.  Something to pass the time like a movie.

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