If you've got a Nintendo Switch in the house, you should probably change the password. Why? Well, because officials with Nintendo announced earlier this week that around 300,000 Nintendo Switch accounts have been hacked. Apparently the hack was discovered back in April when everyone was stuck at home in a quarantine and playing games on their Nintendo Switch. Back then it was reported that around 160,000 Switch accounts had been hacked, however, that number has now been increased.

According to a report from CNN, only a small number of the breached accounts were "used to make fraudulent purchases and refunds for these customers are nearly complete". If you have a Nintendo Switch, you're most likely going to get an email from Nintendo suggesting that you change your password. Click here to find out more.

By the way, I knew that the Nintendo Switch was popular and is usually sold out online. However, I had no idea that over 55 million of them have been sold. (And that number is from early May from Nintendo Life, so I'm sure that number is much higher now.)

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