Michigan always has some cold winters, but this last week has been bitterly cold. I was DEFINITELY craving a toasty warm car on the way into work this past week. But, I recently learned that I could potentially get fined for leaving my car running in the driveway... so, I decided to stick out the cold.

Michigan has a motor vehicle code (R28-1458 & 257.676) that states that "leaving a vehicle unattended on any street or any other place without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the ignition key." Which is exactly the way one might warm their car up if they don't have automatic start. The code seems to be enforced in some places, sometimes...

When former police Chief Edward Harris was asked if it was in fact illegal to leave an unattended car running in the driveway, Harris responded

"I think that a person who has a remote-start system on his or her vehicle where a key is not necessary would not be in violation. Anyone who starts their vehicle manually, with a key, and then leaves the key in the vehicle while it is running would be in violation and subject to a civil infraction ticket."

So yay! for those of you who have remote start!

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