Now here's two things that probably you, and definitely me, would've never thought could ever go together. But, as crazy as it might sound, if you attended the Detroit Auto Show in the middle of January, you could have been exposed to rubella.

According to, rubella is also known as the three-day measles, or as I have heard, the German measles. You'll see signs and and experience symptoms usually around two or three weeks after you are initially exposed to this contagious viral infection. Rubella will cause those affected to break out into a red rash.

According to WILX-TV, attendees could have been exposed to the disease if they were at the Detroit Auto Show from January 13th through January 15th, as a show attendee from another state could have been contagious with the disease during that time period.

Get more info about rubella here from and more info about the Detroit Auto Show story here from WITL-TV.

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