My Dad was a huge, huge fan of the television game show, "The Price Is Right." After he retired from General Motors a long, long time ago, a part of his daily routine was to watch "TPIR" on CBS every weekday at 11 AM.

Now, this was way back in the day, when the show was hosted by a younger Bob Barker, and the show/product announcer was first the great Johnny Olson, then Rod Roddy after Johnny's passing. Some of the product models, then known as "Barker's Beauties" were Janice Pennington, Holly Hallstrom and Dian Parkinson. While I never was able to spend as much time with the show as my Dad was able to do, I did see it enough times that those people became familiar to me.

Now, if you're a fan of "TPIR," MLive is reporting that open auditions for game show participants are going to be held soon in Detroit. Want to be the next contestant on "The Price Is Right"? MLive has the info here.

Good luck!

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