What was your favorite thing to do when you were growing up? Of course we all loved going out and playing with our friends, and as many toys we could fit in our room. One of the fun things I loved was the early Saturday morning cartoons. Also, do you remember how many of Crayola boxes we went through? It must have been dozens. Some kids were lucky enough to get that big box that had a Sharpener built in. In my family, we mostly got the small box, which was fine.

Well now you can download a free Lansing coloring book for the kids. Check it out at wlns.com.

The Coloring Book offers drawings of many of the Lansing region’s most notable landmarks, restaurants, and cultural attractions– and Quality Dairy’s French Onion Chip Dip. From Spartan Stadium to Lansing’s Capitol Building, to Potter Park Zoo and the MSU Dairy Store, this edition of the coloring book provides a fun activity for everyone, while proudly recognizing many of the things that make our region special.

This is pretty cool because I am sure many kids are looking for fun things to do these days with the pandemic still making our lives crazy. Plus it's a great learning experience because they are seeing all the fun and interesting places Lansing has to offer.

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