For years, me and a lot of my broadcasting colleagues have lived under the umbrella of people who are not broadcasters thinking that we only work 4 hours a day. That we come in, talk between the songs, say some silly things now and then and when our 4 hour show is through, we bolt out the door to do whatever radio personalities who only work 4 hours a day do.

That my friend is not the case. And frankly, that has never been the case. Disc jockeys, radio personalities, whatever you want to call us for the most part have always worn different hats at work.

A typical on air DJ will not only have a daily show, but they will also have other duties like making commercials, creating promotions that make listeners want to tune in and win, picking the music you hear every day and a lot more. It has never been, or at least since I've been around, just a 4 hour work day. And sometimes the work week can extend beyond 5 to even 6 and 7 days depending on what's going on. Buy every day promises to be different and most often fun. But think about this...what would it be like to work only 4 days a week? I'm thinking that I wouldn't be able to get all of my work done but some people who are employed by the City of Lansing are going to find out what working 4 day weeks are like.

News 10 says that the City of Lansing will be putting a 4 day work week into effect to take advantage of the Unemployment Insurance Agency Work Share program which will help ease the financial pain to the city due to COVID-19. How it works is that certain city workers will be paid for one day a week from the UIAWS as they take the day and the rest of the week from the city when they work. This will save Lansing over a million dollars and significant budgetary distress due to the pandemic. It will also help to keep people employed without having to realize cuts in pay.

Get more info here on the 4 day work week for some City of Lansing employees from News 10.

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