Lately, I've seen a lot of articles talking about one Michigan city in particular. And sadly, not in a good way. In fact, it's very much the opposite.

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One city in the Mitten State seems to be the 'worst' when it comes to just about everything.

And that one city?

What's the 'Worst' City in Michigan?

That would be Detroit.

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Now, don't come for me, I'm just the messenger. Let's take a look at the 'worst' accusations that are being leveled at the Motor City.

Why is Detroit Such a Bad City?

WalletHub is always compiling lists of the "best" and "worst" things. In particular, they look at different facets of what makes a city the best it can be.

WalletHub looks at statistics from all across the board to compile their lists of the best and worst. Lists like the "Best and Worst Cities for Singles", the "Best and Worst Cities for Recreation", and a whole bunch more.

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Here are the "Best and Worst" Lists that Detroit appeared on that make it so bad...

Sadly, these are pretty bad things for Detroit to be some of the "worst" at. These are big factors that affect your life and how you're able to live it.

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