A new study claims Michigan is home to the second-worst city in America to raise a family.

The study, published by WalletHub, compared more than 180 cities across the United States in a variety of metrics from unemployment rates to health and safety stats to the quality of their public schools.

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After crunching all the numbers and sifting through all the specifics, the study revealed some troubling data concerning one Michigan city in particular.

How Were the Worst Places to Raise a Family Determined?

WalletHub's study looked at five main categories when determining the nation's best (and worst) places to raise a family:

  • Family Fun: things like each city's number of attractions, recreation and sports opportunities, and the percentage of families in the city that have young kids;
  • Health & Safety: things like crime rates, air and water quality, and the quality of the city's public hospitals;
  • Education & Child Care: things like the quality of the city's public schools and child-care availability;
  • Affordability: things like the cost of living and housing affordability; and
  • Socio-economics: things like poverty rates, debt, and unemployment/underemployment.
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Memphis, Tennessee, ended up ranked as the worst place in America to raise a family. However, Michigan's biggest city - Detroit - wasn't far behind.

Why Is Detroit Such a Bad Place to Raise a Family?

Among all the cities included in the WalletHub study, Detroit ranked as the absolute worst city in America socio-economically. It was third-worst regarding education and child care.

Detroit Teeters On Edge Of Bankruptcy
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Detroit ranks among the nation's 20 worst cities for health and safety, and among the 30 worst in affordability.

A glimmer of hope for Detroit? It ranks 70th best in the country for family fun - powered by a vibrant major league sports scene and world-class museums such as the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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