Wednesday was a special night as 100.7 WITL was proud to join WILX News 10 for their "Blood Saves Lives" Telethon.

Banana Don Jefferson and Stephanie McCoy answered phones and took blood donations during the telethon and of course they managed to have some fun as they joined News 10's Mallory Anderson, who served as host for the event.

A big thanks to everyone who donated during the Telethon and to those who answered the call and made appointments to donate blood by responding to our requests from on air, our website and even on the WITL app.

Debbie Petersmark, WILX News 10 Vice President & General Manager stated in a message sent after the telethon:

During the 3-hour telethon we scheduled more than 112 blood donations appointments. Many of them are first time donors. Every 1 donation provides potentially live-saving help for up to 3 people. Additionally, thanks to everyone who scheduled their appointment online this week.

During this critical time of need, we're proud to be the first TV station in the state of Michigan to step up to the challenge during this critical time of need. You can still sign up to give blood...or hold your own blood going to

Thank you again Mid-Michigan for your continued generosity.

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