Ever since Gov. Whitmer cut funding for the "Pure Michigan" tourism campaign, there's been wild speculation. Will the funding be restored somehow? Will Michigan's tourism industry fund the campaign instead of the state? Will Tim Allen be forced to do more cheesy cartoons for Disney just to keep food on the table?

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Time will tell about the "Pure Michigan" campaign (and Tim's well-being). But there is one state that's going all out to draw tourists. And that state is...North Dakota. The slogan they're using to get tourists there:

“Follow your curiosity, not the crowds.”

Which, I believe, is what serial killers say to get you into their white cargo vans.

However - they may be on to something. According to RouteFifty.com, North Dakota came up with that slogan after hearing "complaints of overcrowding at popular tourist spots in other states". North Dakota has a population of about 750,000 people spread over 70,000 square miles - and hardly any tourists. Yet. That's around 10 people per square mile. By contrast, our own Upper Peninsula has a population of about 300,000 spread over 16,000 square miles. That's almost 20 people per square mile! And then there's all the tourists Tim drove up there to go fishing and see the beaches and waterfalls and "northern lights". How are you supposed to relax when you're squeezed in like that? Thank God they still have pasties and Bigfoot.

So, I'm sorry, Yoopers. First, Green Bay loses the game on Sunday, now this.

Here's the story. I'll be fighting the crowds in Grand Marais this summer if you need me.

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