Just like most of us I use drive through windows more often these days instead of dining in. We’ve been doing this routine for over a year now. The one thing I often wonder, why is drive through service at so many places slowing way down? Logic would say if this is your only source of income at this time, why not make it the best experience possible.

What we are all experiencing for the most part, is slow service and long waits. Last Friday I placed a mobile order at a popular restaurant on the west side and when I got there, 20 cars were in line to go through the drive through, it was 25 minutes to get through the line and get my order. It’s very common today to see drive through lines wrapped around the building when you pull in.

The problem not only exists in the Mid-Michigan area, but all over the country. The problem is they can’t find workers to prepare and deliver your food to the drive through. Even the big chains like McDonalds and Burger King are adjusting their hours due to shortage of workers. Now hiring signs are visible at many businesses, and my local McDonald’s has “Now Hiring, $13 an hour” signs posted everywhere.

ABC12 reports

“Restaurant workers have been working for years and years and years at really low wages. When the government is helping out, it’s a lot better for them than when they’re actually at work working,” said Aaron Hyatt, who works in the food service industry as a chef. It comes as no surprise to him that many fast food joints are short staffed. “Maybe the whole industry needs a rework, because it’s obvious that people aren’t being paid right,” Hyatt said.


Unemployment benefits supported by state and federal governments have seen Covid-19 relief money added to their benefits. Former gas station manager Muhmmed Almutarrab said “Once they stop the unemployment checks coming in, people will start going out to work.” Currently our national unemployment rate stands at 6%.

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Things will eventually get better, they usually do. It’s still going to be a while before they open up dining to 100% capacity, so we’ll deal with the waits for a while longer. We all just have to be patient.


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