Grand Rapids-based magician Trino will be getting national television exposure as he secures a spot performing on the CW series 'Masters of Illusion.'

The Paw Paw native made his hometown Facebook group elated with the announcement.

This is incredible! Thanks for sharing . So proud of Trino

Trino describes his act as one that

commingles comedy and theatrical feats alongside a backdrop of popular music, presenting an energetic and modern take on the ancient art of illusion.

His latest update on Facebook as of a week ago (April 2021) was that the air date for the episode of Masters of Illusion has not yet been released.

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See Trino Perform Magic

If you're looking for a sneak peek at his magic, Trino has some tricks on his YouTube channel.

This trick, which appears to have been filmed on the riverfront in Grand Rapids below the Blue Bridge shows a smashed can become whole and filled.

Now this trick I love. Filmed for Central/Western Weekend several years ago, CMU alum Trino shows off his quick change skills. Flabbergasted former Chippewa coach John Bonamego spots Trino's WMU bronco apparel only to watch him swap out to much more appealing Chip gear.

Too bad the magic didn't extend any further into Kalamazoo, as the Bronco outlasted the Chips that year in a high scoring 41-39 shootout during PJ Fleck's 3rd season with WMU.

Get to know Trino a bit more from this profile from WOOD-TV's 8West:

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