Have you ever wondered who your favorite college coach's favorite singer is?


Okay, well maybe me neither. But, it's still cool to know at least for a trivia thing, right? Frankly, I didn't know that someone delved into this until the other day when I was messaged by someone at work who connected me to the scoop and suggested I should write this article.

Apparently someone at the website watchstadium.com decided to pose the question to college coaches and commissioners, "Hey, who is your favorite singer?"

Frankly, if you are a radio personality and you ask a question like this during an on-air interview, you're going to get a lot of flack from your colleagues but yet, it's still a cool thing to know.

I will not divulge Coach Dantonio's favorite singer here. But what I will tell you is the following about Coach's favorite singer:

1) He once appeared at a private lunch concert for WITL listeners only.

2) He appeared multiple times at the old Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

3) He recently appeared in Michigan for a couple of shows on consecutive nights.

Check out Coach D's favorite singer along with other coach's favorites here.

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