Valentines day is around the corner. Some people love it, and some folks thinks it's just another silly made up holiday. If you do celebrate it with your sweetie, it does not have to be some long lasting, expensive dinner. It can be fun and something totally different.  Valentine’s Day, White Castle and February 14th can now go together like heart-shaped candy boxes and gold-plated jewelry.

This from sounds so fun and it's safe with the pandemic.

Three decades into its Valentine’s tradition, more than 300 White Castle locations will mimic drive-ins, replete with old-timey carhops, for reservation holders. You’ll order, eat, and perhaps even fall in love, all in the comfort of your own vehicle.

I have been going to white castle my whole life and I love it. I go to one one in Novi and Howell.

Reservations are required and may be tough to get, so do it early. My parents told me when they were kids White Castle hamburgers were only a nickel. Even when I was growing up there were basically just hamburgers, drinks and fries. Now the menu is HUGE. You can get chicken, mac and cheese nibblers, and even mozzarella sticks. I love the double cheeseburgers.

Now is the time to make your Valentines day reservation no matter where you go, so don't procrastinate. If you wait till the week of you will probably be staying home or waiting a long time for a table.

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