Unless you grew up in one of the "lost tribes" of the Amazon, you've probably played the board game "Monopoly". And, if you've played Monopoly, somebody playing the game with you has had a complete meltdown because somebody taunted them, or they didn't get the piece they wanted, or there was a rules dispute. And, according to itv.com, it's not only us hot-heads in America that have issues while playing Monopoly. It's people WORLDWIDE. It's been reported that the most likely time for families to play Monopoly this holiday season will be 4-6PM on Christmas Day. So, be prepared for trouble around 6PM.

Because of that, the people at Hasbro (at least the ones in the UK) , who make Monopoly games, have set up a help line to answer questions about Monopoly rules and settle any disputes. It's a number based in the U,K, and it will only operate from Dec. 24th through the 26th, but sometimes these arguments can get ugly.

Yes, ugly enough to call somebody across the Atlantic Ocean for help.

Here's the story. Good luck.


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