Today on Uncle Banana's Online Science Corner we discuss... ancient snacks.

The only good thing about the big ice storm in Mid-Michigan this winter? Everybody had to clean out all the really old stuff in our refrigerators. Of course, you may have had some things that didn't need refrigeration - or you may just enjoy eating spoiled food.

Well, Chinese mummies just raised the bar for frat boys everywhere.

According to LiveScience, scientists have discovered chunks of the world's oldest "cheese"  on the bodies of mummies buried in China's Taklamakan Desert. (I know - gross, but stay with me here)  The mummies were buried there 3,800 YEARS AGO. The cheese was meant to be a snack for the trip to the afterlife, which is a nice gesture.

Just for the record, let it be known, I'm requesting Wheat Thins (the "Big" Wheat Thins) and beer for my trip.

Hulton Archive
Hulton Archive

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