I was was working today and I got a text from my long time friend, Duran Martinez. Much like a lot of people in Duran's life, he and I go back a couple years...okay, make that decades...but who's counting? Anyway, Duran is a long time radio fixture in Mid-Michigan and he is well known not only for being a personality who plays music, but he's also well known to outdoor enthusiasts as the host of the radio show, "Wild Michigan", which you can hear every weekend on Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 WJIM and Lansing's Sports Station, The Game 730 WVFN and also everywhere in the state on the Michigan Talk Network.

Duran is also the owner of MI Pick & Flip, so he's out and about every day doing what pick and flip people do. I'm not tremendously well versed at what that is, but I know that he finds a lot of really, really cool stuff and here's where this whole story begins...back to the original text from Duran...

So like I said I'm working today and I get a text from my friend Duran because he found this gem that he is going to give me in the photo above. A genuine, back in the day, extremely cool, belt buckle with the old WITL logo and slogan on it. Even though we've gone through a couple of logo and slogan changes over the years, I will always love that wooden looking logo and that "Best In The Country" slogan. It is a part of the rich history of our station and our Wittle Listener Family like you, who we appreciate so much.

All of this got me thinking...what other WITL memorablia does our listener family have from back in the day? If there's a belt buckle out there, well then there has to be more. Take a photo of yours and post it on this article on our Facebook Page and if I get enough items, I'll share them again in a future article on our website and socials.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Wittle Family.

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