In just a few days, all the presents will be open, all the chaos of a full house of relatives and kids will have subsided, and what you'll be left with will be a ton of boxes and wrapping paper and, of course, the Christmas tree.

Well, a lot of the leftover mess can be recycled, though wrapping paper can be iffy, and even then, you have to remove the tape and bows. But what about the tree? Let the goat eat it. You don't have a goat? Well, here's where you can find one.

New Era, Michigan. Population 451, not counting the goats. New Era is where the Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo is. They have goats. And those goats will eat your tree. Sure is a better solution than over filling a landfill.

“We’ve been asking for tree donations after Christmas for a number of years now,” says owner Cindy Lewis, “The goats can devour a tree in a matter of minutes, they get very excited!”

There you go; excited goats. It's a win win for everyone. The release says pine needles are a natural worm control for goats and are full of vitamin C so they make a nice healthy snack in addition to their regular diet of hay and grain. As healthy as that sounds, you may want to stick to kale and leave the Christmas trees to the goats.

One last reminder, before you drop your tree off, remove everything from it. Tinsel is not edible.




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