Unless you know how to snowboard, ski or own snowmobiles, I'm pretty sure a majority of us aren't going to say that our favorite season is winter. According to YouGov, only 6% of Michiganders say winter is their favorite season. I actually expected that number to be lower, like 3%.

If you're not the biggest fan of warm weather, your favorite season is probably spring or fall. It was almost a tie between the two seasons, 23% say spring is our favorite and 28% of us are a fan of fall.

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I have to admit, fall is my favorite season. I'm a big fan of the leaves changing and the crisp air. The one thing I don't dig is that autumn doesn't last long enough. I enjoy spring too, the flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing and summer is right around the corner.

It surprised me when I read that only 39% of us say summer is our favorite season in Michigan. I get it, it can be a little humid but how can you not love summer?!

If you have fair skin like me and don't dig being in the big hot sun, go for a hike in the woods and hide under the shade of the trees. Maybe even buy yourself a hammock and set it up in one of the trees and take a nap or read a book. I swear my hammock is my best friend, I keep that thing on me a majority of the year. And how can you not love a good beach or boat day? There's nothing like spending a warm summer day on the lake.

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